Fundraising Made Easy

Looking for more resources to help get 
your fundraising jump started? 
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Maximize your impact and invite 
your community to join your efforts.


✔ Your Goal Is $1,000!  Create Your Action Plan!


  • You’ve already taken the first step towards helping empowering young people through mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia by registering to go Over The Edge. After creating your Over The Edge fundraising page, make a list of all your friends, family, sororities, fraternities, clubs, people you work with or do business with.  Check to see if your company will match your donations!  You will be amazed at how many people want to see you go Over The Edge!  Let’s look at a sample fundraising plan:


1.       Create your fundraising page at www.bigslittles.org/OTE


2.       Send an email out to your friends, family, and co-workers


3.       5 generous friends give you $50


4.       10 of your contacts give you $25


5.       5 friends give you $20


6.       10 more people give you $10


7.       20 coworkers give you $5


8.       Your donation of $100


9.       Your company’s matching funds of $100 (better yet, see if they will match all the funds you raise!)

$100 - $900

10.   Take a deep breath, because you are really going Over the Edge!

TOTAL: $1000+


Are you on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?  Now’s the time to get busy and start asking!


✔ Ask To Receive!


The #1 reason people give is because they are asked.  So let’s do it!


Don’t be shy!  Tell everyone on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!  Make sure you link it to your Over The Edge fundraising page.  Tell all your friends and co-workers.  Make sure you ask for a donation – no donation is too large or small.  They can make donations online with your fundraising page or you can take a check!  Here's your Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Virginia Over The Edge Cash or Check printable donation form to make sure you get credit for your donations!


Make sure you remind people!  Remember, we are all busy, so make sure you ask more than once and/or send out friendly email reminders!  Include fun facts and an update on how close you are to reaching your goal.  If they donate, make sure you say, thanks! 


People want to hear from you!  They are excited for you!  You might want to wear a GoPro, and share the experience with them online or send a thank you letter, note, or message to your donors including a crazy picture of you from the event so they remember you next year.


Let everyone know you are participating in Over The Edge. Don’t forget about places where you spend money like hairdressers, dry cleaners or your favorite restaurant. Remember: If you don’t ask, you won’t receive.


✔ Email or Letter-Writing Campaign!


Do you think letters are a thing of the past?  Then take a few moments and create an e-mail to everyone you know to announce you are participating in Over The Edge, make sure you ask for a donation and put your Over the Edge fundraising page in the email, so people can donate to you directly.


People do like personal touches, so a letter may be just what it takes to get you Over The Edge.  Perfect mailing lists include wedding, holiday cards and organizational membership lists. Make sure to list your Over The Edge fundraising page.  If you know your aunt or uncle won’t donate online, give her a return envelope.  Here's the draft sample fundraising letter for your convenience.


✔ Vendor Letters!


Vendors can be work-related, such as a printer, or personal, like your insurance agent, hair salon or dry cleaner. Places where you spend money are a great resource!


✔ Wraparound Events!


What is a wraparound event you ask?  Wraparound Events or mini-fundraising events that raise both money and awareness for Over The Edge! Common examples are bake sales at work, dress-down days, brown-bagging it, and car washes.


✔ Quick and Easy Ideas to Increase Your Fundraising Efforts


Add the event logo to your e-mail signature. You can also include a hyper-link to your personal fundraising website and encourage everyone to visit it and support your efforts.


Ask all of your supporters about the possibility of matching funds from their employers.


Social media is a great way to promote your fundraising and connect with people who you may not see daily. Always be sure to include a link to your personal fundraising website for anyone interested in or able to support you.