Help The St. Francis Breadline Fight The Summer Surge

Summer is no break for families in poverty. As the temperatures increase- so do the number of families experiencing homelessness. Many New Yorkers view summer as a time for vacations, camp and lazy days at the beach. But the Franciscan Friars are preparing for quite a different summer ritual: the swelling of the population of homeless families.  According to The New York Times, these families  are a part of the “Summer Surge in Homeless Families” that occurs every summer, but this year, their numbers are on the increase by about 20%.  The reasons for the Summer Surge are multiple.

For some, the family can hold off the landlord during the winter months, but when summer comes, many landlords feel less sympathetic to the family. When schools close, so does free “childcare” for young children and school meals. Utility bills spike and hotels, the last resort for homeless families, are at peak rates. Hundreds of families will slip into homelessness. Please, help us, the Franciscan Friars, care for those who experience a different kind of summer, one where the only break from a daily routine is not a getaway vacation, but an eviction notice that doesn’t bring them to a glamorous hotel, but rather a city homeless shelter for families. One morning meal can help change the rest of a family! Your generosity can help us help them. Your care can help ease their suffering.


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