Fundraising Tips

Looking for more resources to help get your fundraising jump started? Check out our tips below!


  • Personalize your website. Add a picture, a short paragraph on what you’re doing, include information about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlantic and Cape May Counties and if you are rappelling in honor of someone. Be sure to note that donations are 100% tax deductible.
  • Put up a fundraising goal…the minimum is $1,000 for daytime rappelling and $1,500 for the premium sunset rappelling experience, but there is nothing stopping you from raising more money. Set your own goal and encourage people to help you reach it! 
  • Add an incentive for people to donate. Make donating a contest for your friends and family. For example: Let people know that for every $25 they donate, they will be entered into a drawing for a great prize. Be creative, offer to bake cookies, raffle off tickets to a game you can’t attend, give away a bottle of wine you’ve been holding onto…
  • Link your fundraising page to your social networking sites. Your website has some great tools to connect your page to everything you do! Linking your fundraising page to your social media sites makes it easy for friends and family to donate to your page and say updated on your progress. Keep in mind not everyone sees your social posts all the time, so frquent updates are reccomended.
  • Donate to your own campaign. Donating as little as $10.00 to your own campaign shows that you are invested in the cause. When asking friends or family to help you fundraise, you can say "I did it too!". 
  •  Seek a sponsor. Ask a local business or organziation to sponsor you in exchange for you wearing thier t-shirt Over the Edge and talking about them in your posts.


We'll update this list as the campaign goes on to help along the way! In the meantime if you have questions, please contact Emily Dellinger at 609-573-5029, ext. 14 or edellinger@bbbsatlanticcape.org.