Edger Info


What to Expect

This is not your typical rock climbing rappel! You will be wearing a full-body industrial harness and using an industrial descender to go down. You can control your speed to a certain extent. Should you go too fast the back-up device will engage. Getting your weight off the roof and into the harness is the difficult part for most people. You will have an opportunity to practice your technique during training, and an OTE Technician will guide you through these first few steps. Once you’re over the edge, you will have a radio to communicate with your OTE Technician. Don’t forget to stop and take in the view!



Training begins in the Staging area, where participants get into their gear and issued the equipment they will need to rappel. In the Training Area, staff will teach participants how to use the descender and back-up device. The descender used is a 'Petzl I'd'. you will be taught how to properly operate the I'd and the effect of friction and weight on the rope. A 'Petzl ASAP' is used as a back up device. Staff will also discuss what causes the back-up device to engage and how to signal that the device has engaged. Once the signal is given we show people how to correctly release the ASAP. After demonstration, each participant is given the chance to put their hands on the ASAP and practice unlocking it. Rappellers will also be connected to the ropes and allowed to sit in their harness.This helps them to better anticipate the feel of being on the main rappel. Rappellers well also be taught the proper rappelling position, where to keep their feet and hands. Training takes approximately 20-30 minutes. Once training is complete, rappellers will head to the roof! The time it takes to rappel is unique to each participant, however, we've estimated that your rappel will take between 10-15 minutes from the time someone gets clipped into the ropes until they are assisted off rope at the bottom.


What to Wear 

Well-fitting sneakers, light hiking boots, or other soft soled shoes. No sandals, slip-on shoes, slippers, flip flops, high heels, or steel toed boots will be allowed. Athletic pants, tights and jeans are suitable. The harness goes around your legs, waist, and shoulders, so it is best to avoid anything too bulky. For long hair, low pony tails, braids or buns will keep it safe and out of your way. Rappellers will be given a pair of leather gloves and a helmet.


Cameras and Phones

No phones, cameras, etc. on the roof. Helmet cams that operate hands-free are permitted if you have one and want to bring it. You must supply the mounting system. Go-Pro cameras are approved; all other items will require pre-approval.


Friends and Family

Unfortunately, the roof is a restricted access area. Friends and family will not be allowed on the roof top. Friends and family are welcome to watch you decend in our landing zone!


The Fine Print

  • Rappelers must be between 100-300 pounds
  • No ropes experience needed, professional staff will be there to assist you every step of the way. 
  • The first 92 rappelers to meet their $1,000 fundraising minimum will earn their spot to go Over the Edge during a daytime rappelling timeslot.
  • New for 2019! We are offering a premium sunset rappelling experience for participants who reach a premium goal of $1,500.