Fundraising Tips

Looking for more resources to help get your fundraising jump started? Look no further!

  • We encourage fundraisers to use the online event tool. It's a quick, easy way to collect donations. Go to the Register button and complete the form. You can register a new team, join and existing team, register as a virtual fundraiser (bowling is not your thing but fundraising for BBBS  most definitely is) or register as a corporate team. Don't worry...you will be guided through the entire registration process. Once your transaction is complete, you will receive a confirmation email receipt with a link to your individual fundraising webpagePeople who customize their website to talk about why they are raising money for Big Brothers Big Sisters raised a lot more money. It only takes a few minutes to add a picture and a few words.
  • Email friends or share your page on Facebook and other social media outlets to ask people to support you. And don't forget about letters, phone calls, and even a bake sale. Get creative! Here some other fun ideas to get the donations flowing:
  • 1. Host a Super Bowl or Oscars viewing party. Charge admission to enter and donate proceeds to BFKS!
  • 2. Create an outrageous online challenge if your donations reach a certain amount. Kiss a cow. Dance in public. Dye your hair green. Get creative! The more "out there" your idea, the more money you'll raise!
  • 3. Hold a crazy hat or jeans day at work. Plan a chili cook off. Do a March Madness jersey day. Change Wars - have one department challenge another department (sabotage encouraged!!). Spread the word about BBBS and make coming to work FUN!
  • Need more help? Contact Anne Marie Veneroni at  annemarie.veneroni@bbswashtenaw.com or 734-975-0933.  Always happy to brainstorm a few ideas with you!
  • Say THANK YOU! Thank your donors for their time and commitment to participate! Call or e-mail them after the event to let them know how much money your team raised and thank them for supporting local children!