Could you imagine being a new mother and not being able to feed, clothe or shelter your newborn baby? For many new mothers living on the streets or in temporary shelters, that is the horrific reality of their lives. We see it each day at our Franciscan Food Center in Boston and at St Francis Inn and Women's Center in inner city Philadelphia. The impact of homelessness on mothers is profound. We watch them experience anger, self-blame, sadness, fear and hopelessness.  As we celebrate all mothers during the month of May, the Franciscan Friars need your help raising $10,000 so we can supply these new mothers who are in need with the basic necessities for their children's survival. Your generous donation enables us to purchase diapers, wipes, formula and so much more to make their child's life safe and sound- a mother's constant dream. 

4.2 Million Single Mothers
Live Below The Poverty Line

You can help provide newborn necessities for these
women and children, 
many who are abandoned or abused, living in shelters or on the streets. 

Many Cannot Afford
Basic Necessities For Survival

Diapers, wipes and baby formula are desperately needed by the Franciscan Food Center in Boston and St Francis Inn & Women's Center in inner city Philadelphia.

Make A Difference in Two Lives,
A Mother and Her Child

Help us continue to serve women and children at these safe and supportive environments in desperate need of these vital supplies.


No child should be born into the world without the basic necessities needed for survival. That includes food!

Help pamper babies with a value pack of hypoallergenic baby wipes that have a fresh scent.


St. Francis Inn Ministries

St. Francis Inn has been serving meals to the neediest individuals and families in Philadelphia since 1979. With the help and support of volunteers and benefactors like you, they are able to serve guests over 350 warm, nourishing meals each day in a caring and respectful setting. In additional to "dine-in" meals, they also provide food baskets to families with young children and infants. It is a safe and supportive environments for women and infants are in desperate need of disposable diapers, baby wipes, soap, baby formula and other vital supplies. If just 200 people give a minimum gift of $50 to our Mother's Day fundraiser, we will reach our goal!

Thea Bowmans Women's Center

The Thea Bowmans Women's Center is a day center open four days a week which provides a safe and secure place for women. It seeks to create a supportive, caring environment that offers relief to the marginalized so they may experience a sense of acceptance and belonging.  Approximately 40 women come to the center throughout any given month, where they can participate in support groups and activities that rebuild their spirits. Thea's also offers the women a place to shower, do laundry and have a meal. If just 200 people give a minimum gift of $50 to our Mother's Day fundraiser, we will reach our goal!



That word "Franciscan" says so much that it is impossible to capture the spirit of Francis, or those who have followed him for over 800 years, with one word. The word "Franciscan" says so much that it overflows with all the characteristics that make up what people feel, believe, and desire when they hear that sweet word. It goes beyond definition, border, categories, religious orders, or even Catholic. It encompasses all peoples, accepts everyone, inflames deep spirituality, laughs joyfully and inspires compassion endlessly.