What We Do



To ensure that children grow up with love, hope, and opportunity.

Youth Mentoring

(grades K-12, ages typically 5-17)
Young people, ages 5-17, are served in various mentoring programs designed to: (1) pair children and teens in 1:1 relationships with Big Brothers, Big Sisters and mentors and; (2) bring together other supporting adults including parents, teachers, business and faith based partners to provide additional support and assistance.


Young Adult Mentoring

(ages 18-25)
We support young people after high school and through age 25. We work to ensure that they have a plan in place and a goal to accomplish – whether it is enrolling in college, enlisting in the military or becoming gainfully employed. Our ultimate goal is to help them secure a living wage job.


Core Values and Beliefs

  • We put young people first and always act in their best interest.
  • We are accountable, adaptable and determined; holding ourselves to the highest standards, focusing on impact and leading in innovation.
  • We welcome everyone and build trusting and enduring relationships among all.
  • And because the future of our region and country rests squarely on the shoulders of youth today, we act boldly.

For more information about BBBSEMO and our programs – www.bbbsemo.org