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You can choose to specifically provide water, education, health, or nutrition-related essentials to children around the world.

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For example, if you raise $20 for water, you can help give 45 children tools to purify water, stay clean and treat diseases from waterborne illnesses. If you collect $50 towards health essentials, you’re providing 14 bed nets to protect children from malaria-infected mosquito bites.


Of course, the more you raise, the bigger the benefit to children who need it most. $250 towards nutrition can provide 700 packets of life-saving nourishment to 233 children suffering from acute malnutrition. $500 towards education can send 8 girls to school and equip them with the skills and self-confidence needed to lift themselves out of poverty and become leaders in their communities.


Once you reach your donation goal, you’ll be inducted into our Hall of Heroes and earn your very own Hero’s Crest. Both are ways of letting the world know of your heroic deeds and all children’s right to childhood. So, go forth and help save children around the world!


J’aimerais créer une page de collecte de fonds en français.

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Raised $540.00
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